Pilandok was been a Sultan

The kinagigiliwang John has a tagalog equivalent to Maranaw - si Pilandok.
Si Pilandok was convicted on a fence and iron kulungang overboard because he made a penal.
Pagklipas several days, the sultan was nanggilalas si Pilandok view of his face that Luxury nakasuot the garments of the sultan. Nakasukbit his waist a sword flashing ginituang.
"Not ba't you been to sea?" nagtatakang question the sultan to Pilandok. "He really pong, dear Sultan," the courteous response of Pilandok. "How an you are in front and I nakadamit a topping? Should you dead now," the language of the sultan.
"Hindi po ako died, dear sultan sapgkat nakita ko po ang aking pedigree under the sea I come there. They gave you the riches of me. Who I magnanais to die in a richly kahariang all things? " the explanation of Pilandok. "Perhaps you are nasisiraan sense," said the sultan by refusing maniwalang. "More of all that no kingdom under the sea."
"Lie po iyan! Why are you here me now? I am ipinatapon in pelage. Ikinulong I am already in jail and is now present kausap you," explains the Pilandok. "A po kingdom under the sea and the only way there is the way to lockup cage and discard the pelage. I po'y deletion and possibly waiting for me my relatives." Umakmang leave that Pilandok.
"Wait," the sultan sansala to Pilandok. "Include me and want to see my pedigree, the sultan of sultan and others I relatives."
Would call it the sultan the military but he was detained by Pilandok and pinagsabihangwalang should find the matter. Be said to go there is a ultan inside a cage.
"Therefore I will put you in jail and deport me to pelage," said the sultan of. "Sino po angmamumuno the kingdom for your departure?" the question of Pilandok. "If you know of others in the tingkol I said your kingdom under the sea is magnanais they also go there."
Once you think the sultan and nakangiting nagwika, "do kitang temporary sultan, Pilandok. Please leave me now a temporary order you incoming me." "Wait, dear Sultan," the discontinuance of Pilandok. "No it should mlaman your ministers."
"What should I do?" the sound of the sultan. "Ililihim po natin this matter. Basta't give me your crown, sword and ring. When they saw your winnings will they follow me," the response by Pilandok.
Agree about sultan. Provided all the requirements to Pilandok and isinakay a boat. In pelage inihagis is the hawlang kinalululanan the sultan. Immediately submerge the cage and the deceased sultan. Since si Pilandok that became sultan.


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